The programme for Necessary Traditions 2018

The Necessary Traditions 2018 festival programme included:

    1. Festival Opening & Pecha Kucha on Thursday 8th November, 6pm –  In the Great Hall at the Arts Centre. Please follow this link to hear some of the presentations from that night.

    2. Necessary Traditions – THE MAIN EVENT was on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th November, 10am to 5pm with over 40 skilled people demonstrating their necessary traditions at the stunningly restored Arts Centre. Watching a knife or a nail being forged, shoes being made in two different ways, Rongōa Māori healing traditions from local plants, a basket being woven from nothing but willow sticks, a cup carved from a log, a blanket from a local fleece, a book bound from waste paper, a chair from a tree, dye colour from plants and much more. See the magic of materials being transformed into use & beauty by skilled dedicated practitioners.

    3. Necessary Traditions Guest Speakers were on 12th to 14th November 6.30pm – We heard from botanists, ecologists & other tohunga about the history, use & health of local resources or taonga e.g. tī kōuka, tōtara & other indigenous species, basket willow, water & land. Speakers include Louise Ayling – Bespoke Shoemaker, Giulio Sturla – Chef & Founder of Roots Restaurant, Maia Mistral – Botanist, Colin Meurk – Ecologist, Philip Simpson – Botanist & Author, Kyle Davis (Ngāi Tahu, nō Wairewa me Ōraka-Aparima) – Archaeologist.

  1. Necessary Traditions Workshops ran from Monday 12th to 19th November –  With opportunities to attend over 40 workshops, to learn from 23 different craftspeople.

  2. Closing event on Saturday 17th November at NG Space  212 Madras Street 1-3pm celebrating the work of Tatyanna Meharry & Steven Junil Park of 6×4.

Please email with any queries.

Gemma Stratton weaving Orkney chair back with ti kouka cabbage tree leaves. Image by Justyn Denney.jpg
Gemma Stratton weaving an Orkney chair back with tī kōuka cabbage tree leaves. A collaborative project in the Rekindle workshop commissioned by the Arts Centre. Image by Justyn Denney