The kaupapa of Necessary Traditions

What knowledge and skills are necessary for our wellbeing and Earth’s?

Which habits are essential for us as kaitiaki caring for the finite resources of this planet?

What practices allow us to be resourceful and to create what we need from what is around us?

What gives us vital roles and shared purpose in our communities?

Our necessary traditions.


Kerry Mulligan, by Justyn Denney


The Necessary Traditions festival celebrates the relevance of resourceful craft and other necessary practices. Through this we aim to strengthen the livelihood, network and legacy of those skilled people who uphold necessary traditions. We also hope to inspire those who attend the festival to see that they too can find their own resourceful traditions for both their wellbeing and that of the world around them.

This festival has come about as a natural part of the work of Juliet Arnott and Rekindle on resourcefulness. Juliet’s TEDx talk here in Auckland in late 2017, and Volume 1 of the Journal of Resourcefulness published in March 2018, tells the story to this.